Referral Program

Referral - Referral Program in Springfield, IL
What is the referral program about?
The Rhino Roofing Referral program was created to show appreciation for your support. The requirements to participate in this program are to fill out our online form with your information, and the referrals name. Please note the online form and the coupon needs to be claimed and filled out in order for you to receive your gift card.
What do you get for referring someone to Rhino Roofing?
  • You will get a $50.00 Gift Card for each roof job that is completed
When will I receive my gift card?
Once you fill out the online form, we will contact the person you’ve referred. Once the project is complete, you will receive your gift card by mail or it will be given in person (depends on location of job).
How did you hear about the referral program?